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cacoethes scribendi
Recent Entries 
2nd-Oct-2035 08:25 pm - Friends-locked!
I figured out how to lock this sucker, so everything from now (8:25 PM on October 2, 2009) and on will be officially barred from the general public's viewing. I am, however, very open to friending people, so if you're curious about my ramblings, don't be afraid to comment on this and add me. ^^ 

The main reason for this locking is because I'm very paranoid about some recent great ideas for stories I will be talking about, and I don't want others stealing them. So, thus, this is friend-locked! 
7th-Jan-2011 01:43 am - Pansy/Theo, revived
 I've decided that I wanted to actually do the rarepair shorts for Pansy/Theodore, but I also decided that I didn't like the prompts I picked last time. This time I'm just going to take a table (I think this is the "Angst" table) and do it. I've already got one written so I hope they don't reject me. :|

This is the link to the story on FFN, and I want it to be noted that they're not in the order that they're listed on the prompt table. Later on I'll put up a guide to in what order they're written and how they also work chronologically. 

rarepair_shorts HP Rare-Pair Challenge
Author: cadaverousapple
Pairing: Pansy/Theodore
Progress: 2/13
1. please forget me never
2. fathomless waters
3. she didn't look back
4. like footprints in the sand
5. never forgive, never forget
6. serpentine
7. lightning bolts in snow
8. in cold blood
9. like a game of pick-up sticks
10. once upon a midnight dreary
11. sun-faded photographs
12. just like everyone else
13. perhaps
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